Week-End Review

Week-End Review – 2020.06

I hope everyone had a great week number six of 2020. The Superbowl was a good watch as usual, and I’m happy to see Andy Reid finally get his ring. It’s well deserved and long overdue in my opinion. Little Tournamatch learned he can get on and off the sofa on his own. We were just thinking the other day that he needs something new to worry Mrs Tournamatch about </sarcasm>.

Development continued on asynchronous behavior and I also mixed in improved mobile-friendliness on the team profile page. This page contains the single-biggest opportunity to eliminate unnecessary pages (add in some Ajax) and several opportunities to improve usability on mobile. Check out a screenshot of the improvement below:


Before team profile mobile-friendly update.


After team profile mobile-friendly update.

I’ve determined precisely how to handle the endpoints on the backend – REST has emerged as the winner in that debate. In addition, using native JavaScript where possible is the go to solution for the foreseeable future. I expect to begin rolling out these updates next week. Once the team profile page is finished, I’ll turn my attention to the ladder standings.

Week-End Review – 2020.05

I can’t believe February is already here. Last month completely flew by! It was a terrifically productive month for us, too. We pushed out three updates plus one more today (which was really finished around Wednesday), so I’ll credit January with four updates.

The last two weeks have been focused on adding some asynchronous behavior to several user pages. There are a couple ways to handle it on the back end: WP Rest endpoints and admin ajax handles. I’ve written code for both and still considering which way to proceed. On the front end, I’ve also been comparing using native JavaScript to jQuery – and even some React! I think I’ll actually pass on React for now. The jQuery that ships with WordPress is incredibly old. I’m a bit worried about building out a front end using such an old package. In particular is the work required to update client code once WP Core eventually gets with the program. By building out the front end using native JavaScript, I can avoid some potential hassle later. Using native JavaScript so far hasn’t been that inconvenient.

There is still at least another week of development before any of these additions make it into an update. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Superbowl tomorrow!

Week-End Review – 2020.03

This week wasn’t quite as productive as last week. We did manage to get a small update for several changes a couple new customers requested. I appreciate getting these seemingly small but helpful requests. Chances are that if you want something, others that use our software also want the same thing. I won’t rehash those changes here because they’re explained in our release notes.

My morning routine was thrown a curve ball this week after staying up for the National Championship game, catching up with terrific friends we rarely get to see, and car shopping (thbptttttttt). I don’t anticipate any distractions next week, so we should see a major asynchronous update before the end of January.

Between the changes for the update released this week and sleeping in, I did find time to begin scoping out custom work for two other communities. I haven’t accepted any requests for custom modifications in quite a while because we’ve been laser focused on completing our 2019 objectives. As 2020 unfolds, I expect we’ll take on a few more pseudo-partnerships to continue to build out this software. Have a great weekend!

Week-End Review – 2020.02

We wrapped up a major update initially started before the holidays this week. It was big in that it included a lot of minor details. Stuff like extra CSS for situations that sometimes occur or fixing a broken redirect link for a deleted tournament. A lot of minor things that don’t seriously impact the ability to run your league, but which are still important to maintain quality. It was great to clear out a chunk of our backlog.

We also updated our friends at GhostWarLeague.com from version 2 to the latest version. This turned out to be a lot less painful than anticipated. If you are out of the loop, version 3.x migrated Tournamatch from a stand alone bridged location to the native WordPress directory. It was a big change and we were dreading major migrations such as on their website.

After another quick patch later on in the week, I think the software is in a great place to move on to more ambitious changes. We’ve avoided major new features for months because we were focused on consolidating match logic and giving those pages (match list, details, and reporting) a small makeover. We are happy with the outcome, but there is still some more work to do.

Before these changes, ladders had their own report and confirmation pages which were separate from tournament report and confirmation pages. Conceptually, a match is a match regardless of which competition. Having separate pages makes adding new match related features more difficult so the obvious solution was to merge those.

We’ve completed the new pages and parts of Tournamatch use those new forms. You should especially notice this when users report tournament results because you may now record score, report team match players, and include attachments with those matches.

The next ambitious step we’ll focus on before building out new features is some asynchronization. We can eliminate several forms if we just change certain actions to use Ajax. For example, disputing a match result, confirming a result, accepting or declining a challenge – none of those activities require a stand alone page with a button allowing the user to interact with the page. The initial button or link that loads each of those pages is sufficient to complete the action.

Once we have eliminated the unnecessary pages (there’s about 14 in all), we’ll be left with that much less code to update. That’s the name of the game right now – eliminate legacy code which if left would need to be edited in order to move forward. Ha! I just realized we’re kicking off our 2020 by eliminating the fat. What a fitting New Year’s resolution I suppose.