Week-End Review – 2020.03

Week-End Review – 2020.03

This week wasn’t quite as productive as last week. We did manage to get a small update for several changes a couple new customers requested. I appreciate getting these seemingly small but helpful requests. Chances are that if you want something, others that use our software also want the same thing. I won’t rehash those changes here because they’re explained in our release notes.

My morning routine was thrown a curve ball this week after staying up for the National Championship game, catching up with terrific friends we rarely get to see, and car shopping (thbptttttttt). I don’t anticipate any distractions next week, so we should see a major asynchronous update before the end of January.

Between the changes for the update released this week and sleeping in, I did find time to begin scoping out custom work for two other communities. I haven’t accepted any requests for custom modifications in quite a while because we’ve been laser focused on completing our 2019 objectives. As 2020 unfolds, I expect we’ll take on a few more pseudo-partnerships to continue to build out this software. Have a great weekend!

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