Week-End Review – 2020.06

Week-End Review – 2020.06

I hope everyone had a great week number six of 2020. The Superbowl was a good watch as usual, and I’m happy to see Andy Reid finally get his ring. It’s well deserved and long overdue in my opinion. Little Tournamatch learned he can get on and off the sofa on his own. We were just thinking the other day that he needs something new to worry Mrs Tournamatch about </sarcasm>.

Development continued on asynchronous behavior and I also mixed in improved mobile-friendliness on the team profile page. This page contains the single-biggest opportunity to eliminate unnecessary pages (add in some Ajax) and several opportunities to improve usability on mobile. Check out a screenshot of the improvement below:


Before team profile mobile-friendly update.


After team profile mobile-friendly update.

I’ve determined precisely how to handle the endpoints on the backend – REST has emerged as the winner in that debate. In addition, using native JavaScript where possible is the go to solution for the foreseeable future. I expect to begin rolling out these updates next week. Once the team profile page is finished, I’ll turn my attention to the ladder standings.

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