Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If you don't see the answer to your question, feel free to open a support ticket and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Purchase Topics

You will receive an email from Tournamatch.com with a personalized link to download all necessary content. Once received, unzip the package, upload the files to your website and follow the instructions in INSTALL.

The order system is automated with PayPal and you will usually receive your link within minutes.

Please check your spam folder. Also, if you entered a different email address during checkout than your Paypal account, please check both. If its been more than 15 minutes and you have not received your email to download Tournamatch, please open a support ticket and we will respond as soon as possible.

The domain you entered when ordering most likely does not match the domain where you are trying to install Tournamatch. Please open a support ticket so that we can update your license.

Error Messages

Please verify that the MySQL credentials in 'tournamatch/config.php' are correct. You should refer to your hosting provider if you do not know your MySQL credentials.

You should not access a file by going to, for example, 'your-domain.com/tournamatch/install.php'. Instead, you should use the address 'your-domain.com/tournamatch.php?file=install'. Please observe what is in the single quotes carefully. One uses 'tournamatch/FILENAME.php', and the other uses 'tournamatch.php?file=FILENAME'.

Tournamatch requires ionCube and the loader did not install successfully. Please verify that you uploaded all files in binary mode [vs asci]. You may need to use an FTP program to do this. Try FileZilla: its free and easy to use!

If you are sure files were uploaded in binary, go to 'ioncube/ioncube-wizard.php'. The wizard provides a great step-by-step way to install ionCube manually or using the runtime method. You may be missing a PHP Loader, which the wizard will tell you. PHP Loaders can be downloaded for free here.

Delete the "ioncube/" folder and the file "functions.php" from your web host. Change the transfer type from ASCII to Binary. Then re-upload that folder and file.