Major Version Delta

Version 3 vs Version 4

Tournamatch version 4 is a major upgrade and significant rewrite of version 3. It's designed to be easily templatable, fully asynchronous, customizable, and built with a focus on the code security and style guidelines. Together with those objectives, we also wanted to provide a basic version of Tournamatch for free.

At this time, only the free version 4 with basic features is available. We will be re-releasing the missing features as plugin addons over the next several months. Any customer with a license to use version 3 will automatically receive a version 4 Professional license. Once we achieve feature parity between those two versions, we'll end support for version 3 and focus entirely on version 4.

You may wish to upgrade to version 4 sooner than feature parity is achieved. If so, thank you for jumping in! Please refer to the table below for a comparison and a rough timeline of when to expect the new (but previously supported) addons.

Feature Version 3 Version 4 Free Version 4 Pro
Single Elimination Tournaments
Points Ladder
User Profiles
Team Profiles
Team Roster Management
Head-to-Head Matches
Fixed Tournament Sizes
Dispute Matches
Player Dashboard
Match Results Dashboard
Custom Team Ranks  
Auto-Start Tournaments  
Manually Seed Tournaments  
Approve/Disapprove Registrations    
Match Scores    
Match Attachments    
Any Tournament Size    
Ladder ELO    
From Ladder Seeding    
Tournament Double Elimination    
Tournament Check Ins    
Tournament Event Countdown      
Looking for Match      
Battle Royal Matches      
Match Best of X