Tournament Types

There are several different types of tournaments. This article focuses on 4 primary types. Tournamatch has tournament management support for the first two.

Single Elimination
This is the most common type where one competitor competes against another. The winner advances and the loser is eliminated. Eventually, the remaining player or team is the only one not yet to lose any match.

Double Elimination
Like single elimination tournaments, one competitor competes against another with the winner advancing. In double elimination tournaments, the loser is added to a loser’s bracket and competes against other losers. The the loser of a match in the loser’s bracket is eliminated and the winner moves on to play future losers from the winner’s bracket. The same process can be repeated for triple elimination if desired.

These tournaments differ significantly from the two above. In a round-robin tournament, one competitor will compete against every other competitor. The competitor with the best record after all matches have been played is crowned the winner.

Similar to Round-Robin except every competitor is not required to face every other competitor. No competitor is every eliminated, and the number of rounds are pre-determined. The goal with Swiss tournaments is to determine the winner without playing as many matches as a round-robin tournament. Competitors are initially seeded randomly or based on some ranking, and in subsequent rounds competitors are paired against other competitors with similar scores or records.

Bonus Type: Scheveningen
In this style, individuals within a team compete round-robin style against another team. The team with the highest number of games won is the winner.

Latest Release Notes

Hello Everyone,

It’s been far too long since I’ve made any announcement regarding new features in Tournamatch. I’m happy to report several improvements from versions 2.2, 2.3, and the most recent update, 2.4. These updates added new features and several bug fixes. A complete list of everything is below:

  • Added a new Attachment Mod allowing users to include files when reporting scores. The permitted files are jpg, png, and gif. You can change the permitted file types around line 19 of the file report.php. To enable this mod, you must set the attachments_enabled value in the trn_config table to 1.
  • Added a new Rating Mod allowing users to rate their opponents. A score of 1 – 5 is recorded with match results when ratings are enabled. A competitor’s average rating is displayed on the appropriate profile page. You can enable the mod by setting the ratings_enabled value in the trn_config table to 1.
  • Added a new feature to manage match disputes. Competitors may report a match as reported incorrectly which requires an administrator to resolve.
  • Added a new page to view all competitions which displays both ladders and tournaments for any given game.
  • Added support for draws.
  • Added support for displaying the reported score with match information.
  • Added support for competitors to report scores for tournament matches, and for administrators to report the score for tournament and ladder matches.
  • Reduced the minimum number of competitors necessary to start a tournament from 8 to 4.
  • Fixed a bug with score reporting for ladders.
  • Fixed a bug with challenges which caused maps to not appear correctly in the list.

Thank you and please let me know if you need help enabling any of the new mods. A future release will move enabling/disabling these features into the administration section.