• Reviewing 2021 – The Year of REST

    Reviewing 2021 – The Year of REST

    Last year was another stellar year for Tournamatch development. We paid off quite a bit of technical debt and finished building asynchronous user interfaces for just about every front end user action we support. Asynchronous user interfaces are quick, sexy, mobile friendly, and modern. They’re what allows a page to react to your button clicks […]

  • Version 3.26 Released

    Version 3.26 is now available. Highlights Bug fixes Multisite Bug fixes We resolved most of the outstanding bugs in the software in this release. These included a mix of very minor issues affecting few users, and one major issue affecting anyone using backup utilities such as All in One. All tables have been renamed to […]

  • Version 3.25 Released

    Version 3.25 is now available. Highlights New table shortcodes Better competitor match history Team Roster table improvements New table shortcodes In this update, we introduced many new table shortcodes. There is now a shortcode for the player list table, teams list table, player teams table, player and team ladder competitions, player and team tournament competitions, […]

  • Version 3.24 Released

    Version 3.24 is now available. Highlights Admin styling update Bug fixes Admin styling update Each Tournamatch backend page has been updated to remove the custom styling. Those pages now use the standard default backend appearance. In addition, each list table now supports searching, pagination, filtering, and ordering. The backend menus have also been updated to […]

  • Version 3.23 Released

    Highlights Asynchronous ladder standings Hall of Fame toggle Asynchronous Ladder Standings The ladder standings page is also now asynchronous. It supports server side search, pagination, and ordering. We simplified the display by removing he unranked standings page. Hall of Fame Toggle A new option exists to toggle the Hall of Fame/Shame displayed at the top […]

  • Version 3.22 Released

    Tournamatch version 3.22 is now available. Highlights New team custom fields and custom icons Bracket round headers New team custom fields and custom icons This release includes two new WordPress filters which may be used to add custom team text fields and custom team social icons. These works identical to the custom player fields and […]

  • Version 3.21 Released

    Tournamatch version 3.21 is now available. Highlights New option to permit multiple player teams per ladder Completely revamped email messaging and styling Faster loading list pages Compatible with PHP 8 New option to permit multiple player teams per ladder We added a new option to allow players to participate on multiple teams per ladder. This […]

  • Version 3.20 Released

    Tournamatch version 3.20 is now available. Highlights Massive rewrite of the data access layer. Removed several legacy and proprietary classes from our source code Data Access Layer Rewrite If there was an award for “Least Sexy Update”, this release would be the Tom Brady of Tournamatch updates (Go Bucs!). Kicking off the major highlights for […]

  • Reviewing 2020

    The year 2020 was like no other for a lot of us. When I look back, I can’t help but think about the World of Warcraft achievement, What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been. This is one of my favorite WoW achievements. Each special event has to be completed for an entire year to earn […]

  • Version 3.19 Released

    Version 3.19 Released

    Tournamatch version 3.19 is now available. Highlights Improved match management Improved security of i18n/i10n translations Added ability for an admin to add players to teams Added ability for admin to add players or teams to tournaments Reduced plugin size Improved Match Management Match management for users now requires fewer pages and clicks to save and […]

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