Latest Release Notes

These release notes document all the recent updates, new features, and bug fixes for Tournamatch. If you find an issue or have a suggestion for a new feature, please email us or open a support ticket.

Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed date localization-related issue on the new challenge received email.
Bug Fixes
  • - All tables are now removed on uninstall.
  • - Fixed a ladder standings column CSS styling issue.
  • - Fixed date localization-related issues on several pages.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed broken create team link.
  • - More asynchronous updates to saving ladder results and clearing bracket results.
  • - Removed the signup.php file in favor of register action for tournament and join action for ladder.
  • - Updated the language translation file.
Bug Fixes
  • - The series icon doesn't display correctly in the backend. This is fixed.
  • - Creating a challenge from ladder standings does not auto select the competitor as expected.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed an issue that could cause corrupt data in the REST API for tournament competitors and registrations.
New Features
  • - Added the ability to reward trophies to tournament finishers.
  • - Added support for tournament series.
  • - Alphabetized several player and team drop downs.
  • - Updated the language translation file.
Bug Fixes
  • - The button states on the team profile page now correctly react to changes without reloading the page.
  • - The register button is no longer displayed on the tournament list pages for already registered users or teams.
  • - Adding players to a team using the admin box on team profile page now adds the player with the exact name instead of like searches.
  • - Fixed the accept challenge button on the single challenges screen.
  • - The bracket URL in tournament emails will now link to the losers bracket where necessary.
  • - Fixed an issue that caused the wrong team to receive eliminated emails on double elimination tournaments.
  • - Competitors in the finals match now correctly receive a matched email when the competitors are set.
  • - Disputed matches now display the correct summary information on the match list page.
  • - Admins may now clear a match report on the new admin match list page added in 3.26.0.
  • - Admins can no longer advance an undetermined match in the admin match list page.
  • - Updated language translation file.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a reference to a missing users table.
New Features
  • - Added the ability to edit the goals for and goals against fields for ladder competitors.
  • - A user that registers for a tournament when check-ins are enabled are now automatically be checked in.
  • - Improved localization of dates. WordPress is now used instead of moment JS.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a users table reference issue affecting multisite installations.
  • - Leave ladder now works on any ladder page.
  • - Competitors may now petition to join an event where they have previously been removed.
  • - All tables are correctly prefixed with the WordPress prefix.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed an issue that can cause a 404 page not found for some tournament signup links.
New Features
  • - Added the following shortcodes: competitor career record, challenge list, ladder standings, match list, teams list, ladder matches, tournament matches, player team list, team roster, competitors competitions list.
  • - Added a tournament competitors REST API endpoint.
  • - Migrated challenge list, ladder standings, match list, player list, teams list, ladder matches, tournament matches, player teams list, team roster, and competitors competitions list to use a shortcode.
  • - Improved the event management of confirmable actions.
  • - Updated the ladder competitor REST API to accept new player and team filter parameters. Also improved the implementation of the GET items endpoint.
  • - Updated the match REST API to accept new competition type, competitor type, and competitor id filter parameters. Also improved the implementation of the GET items endpoint.
  • - Updated the teams REST API with more predictable endpoints.
  • - Removed JavaScript format duplicate function.
  • - Removed jQuery .nav and .nav-pills dependency.
  • - Updated the styling of the backend to be consistent with WordPress.
Bug Fixes
  • - Uploading game image now correctly ignores case of file extension.
  • - If enforce team minimum is enabled, team size is also validated for tournament check-ins.
  • - The register button is displayed for unregistered users once a tournament is within the check in window.
  • - The ladder standings remove button now works as expected.
  • - Correctly hides the challenger for blind challenges.
  • - Match details displays wrong avatar for second competitor. This is fixed.
New Features
  • - Added an option to toggle the display of the ladder standings Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame.
  • - Ladder standings page is also now asynchronous.
  • - Ladder standings no longer displays the last match result for a competitor. The challenge column and word challenge was replaced with an icon in the last (far-right) column.
  • - Updated match fields returned in API route to filter by user role.
  • - Updated the permission of several API routes.
  • - Removed the unranked standings option.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug causing team bulk registration to fail.
  • - Fixed a bug causing editing ladder competitors to fail.
Bug Fixes
  • - Corrected the match list order on several pages to be descending.
  • - Fixed an issue causing missing matches in double elimination finals brackets.
  • - Resolved error displayed when reporting tournament team competition matches.
New Features
  • - Added tournament round headers to brackets.
  • - Added support for custom team social icons.
  • - Added support for custom team fields.
  • - Removed the rank column from ladder standings when Rung-Up is used.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed the rank of down-ranked competitors when a competitor is removed when using Rung-Up.
  • - Fixed the edit competitor feature for ladder standings.
  • - Fixed the responsiveness of all tables on various media sizes.
  • - Fixed the styling of several buttons for report and signup.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed an issue causing team creation to fail.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed an issue causing installation to fail for some MySQL versions.
Bug Fixes
  • - Bumped the version number for all updated script files to clear the client side browser cache.
New Features
  • - Added a new option to permit players to compete on more than one team on ladders.
  • - Added support for PHP 8.
  • - Removed the custom email styling and email color settings. Emails are now plain text and will appear according to speciic email styling plugins.
  • - Updated all list pages to be asynchronous.
  • - Updated the i18n language POT file.
Bug Fixes
  • - The link to choose the second competitor as the winner of a disputed match is incorrect. This is fixed.
  • - The competition type (single vs team) is lost when editing a tournament. This is fixed.
  • - Replaced legacy MySQLi adapter classes with the native WordPress data access layer.
  • - Removed classes for Hook, BaseDao and AttachmentDao.
Bug Fixes
  • - Add player under team roster table crowds team invitations section. The spacing is fixed.
  • - Fixed an issue causing the ladder mode is not correctly saved for ratings and rung up on new ladder creation.
Bug Fixes
  • - The selected game resets when editing a ladder.
  • - Editing a teams ladder causes teams setting to be lost when editing.
  • - Challenge emails do not send to team leaders.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed an issue preventing admins from editing match results.
New Features
  • - Added the ability for admins to add players to teams.
  • - Added the ability for admins to register competitors for tournaments.
  • - Improved the match save and confirmation process for users.
  • - Tournaments match report and confirmation steps now also include the ability to report scores, team match players, opponent ratings, and to include attachments.
  • - Removed all third-party source code dependencies.
  • - Updated the ladder and tournament management screens to behave asynchronously.
  • - Improved the security of all i18n translations.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed several bugs related to disputing tournament match results.
New Features
  • - Added an option for users to leave ladder.
  • - Added an edit password field in the player profile.
  • - Added support for bulk registration.
  • - Updated the ladder standings page with a challenge button.
  • - Upgraded FontAwesome icons to use version 5.
  • - Updated the games management screen to behave asynchronously.
Bug Fixes
  • - Cannot edit tournament rules while running. This is fixed.
  • - Fixed permissions when saving match by id.
  • - Fixed an issue choosing team match players displaying wrong list of players.
  • - The tournament match list page displays an edit link incorrectly. This has been removed.
  • - Fixed broken links for attachments in the admin screen.
  • - Users may now edit team names.
  • - The ladder page is missing the game thumbnail. This is now fixed.
New Features
  • - Added an option to cancel the extra double elimination match.
  • - Added support for cloning ladder and tournament events.
  • - Added the ability for users to unregister from a tournament.
  • - The admin section is now fully internationalized.
  • - Updated the admin manage ranks page to interact asynchronously.
  • - Replaced all FontAwesome icons with Dashicons in the admin.
  • - Removed unnecessary dependencies for Capsule and Blade.
Bug Fixes
  • - Many links are broken if Tournamatch is hosted in a child page or child directory. This is now fixed.
New Features
  • - Added support for custom player profile fields.
  • - Added support for custom player profile social icons.
  • - Added an online statistics widget.
  • - Added CSS for player and team match table history for won, lost, and draw.
  • - Updated the player and team edit profile pages to interact asynchronously.
  • - Updated the tournament check in page to interact asynchronously.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed missing i18n in the results dashboard.
New Features
  • - Added a new user dashboard for displaying challenges received, team invitations received, team join requests sent, and active competitions; and, convenient links to my profile, edit my profile, results, and create team.
  • - Modified the challenges archive page. Blind and My Challenges are no longer displayed as filter options.
  • - Updated the challenges single page to interact asynchronously for accept, decline, and delete.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed datatables on challenges archive page.
  • - Correctly limited the list of available ladders when initiating a challenge to exclude those with challenges disabled.
  • - Admin delete ladder fixed.
  • - Fixed out dated POT file for language translation.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed an issuing causing failures when using MySQL 8.
  • - Fixed an issue causing output error messages when a MySQL connection is downgraded to not use persistency.
New Features
  • - Added support for displaying seeds on bracket page.
  • - Updated the team list on the user profile page. All teams are now displayed, not just teams participating in a competition.
  • - Improved double-elimination initialization seeding so that competitors do not play each other again in the second or third rounds.
  • - Improved the appearance of the registered user list for tournaments.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug causing the confirmation dialog to display when it should be hidden.
  • - Admins can no longer accept a petition from users or teams already participating in a ladder or tournament.
  • - Current seeding link is broken from the tournament rules page. This is fixed.
  • - Fixed broken signup link on tournament info page.
  • - Fixed a PHP offset notice appearing on the loser brackets for team competitions.
New Features
  • - Added a my team invitation shortcode which displays the invitations an individual user has received.
  • - Added a reset tournament feature which rolls back a tournament to the open state.
  • - Updated social links on player profile to display icons.
  • - Games page ladder and tournament count link no longer counts hidden and inactive competitions.
  • - Ladder petition accepted and petition received emails now link to standings instead moreinfo.
  • - Tournament petition accepted and petition received email now links to registered instead of rules.
Bug Fixes
  • - Tournament image link no longer goes to ladder page.
  • - Updated challenge accepted email to use correct email method.
  • - The email received by users for confirming tournament matches now displays the correct subject.
  • - Admin match dispute select winner broken link confirmation for second competitor is fixed.
  • - The match dispute view results button now correctly links to the match details page.
  • - Fixed missing remove icon from tournament registerd list.
  • - Petitioning to join an event using an existing team caused team name to not appear in emails to admins. This is fixed.
  • - Fixed issue with manual seed page not appearing on non-Windows servers.
  • - Fixed issue causing tournament confirm matches to require comments.
New Features
  • - Added configurable color settings for email messages.
  • - Updated the force Bootstrap option to also sandbox Bootstrap for Tournamatch pages.
  • - Updated all email messages to now support i18n.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug causing email messages destined to the admin not to be delivered.
New Features
  • - Added asynchronous confirmation dialogs for delete team, remove competitor, delete challenge, and delete match.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed the styling of DataTables.
  • - Fixed several more pages missing i18n
  • - Fixed several script dies that would block WordPress from finishing the page.
New Features
  • - Added a new option to enable one team per user site-wide.
  • - Added a new option to strictly enforce team roster size minimums when registering for an event.
  • - Added two shortcodes; one for ladder registration and another for tournament registration.
  • - Added the ability to invite registered players to your team.
  • - Relocated the leave team button and updated it to operate asynchronously.
  • - Improved the mobile usability of the challenges table, match table, players table, player profile, report dashboard, teams table, and tournament list.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed several non-breaking PHP warnings throughout script.
New Features
  • - Added three new short codes for displaying the Send Team Invitation form, the Team Invitations list, and the Team Requests list.
  • - Improved the mobile usability of the ladder standings page and team profile page.
  • - Improved the overall usability of joining a team, accepting and declining requests to join a team, and sending and removing invitations to join a team. Those functions now require less page loads and behave synchronously.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug that could cause confirming a ladder match via admin to fail if it is a scheduled match and the competitor in the second spot first reported the match.
New Features
  • - Added new option to hide users email addresses. This is disabled by default.
  • - Relocated the Settings page to the general Tournamatch menu and updated the field sets to properly convey which settings affect both ladders and tournaments now.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug preventing a user from declining a challenge.
  • - Fixed broken images on the players list page. Font-Awesome icons are now displayed instead.
  • - Fixed an unset variable warning on the report page.
New Features
  • - Added a new setting to force Bootstrap scripts for templates that do not use Bootstrap.
  • - Updated incorrect ladder match text for a specific scenario.
  • - Updated i18n for tournament view layout.
  • - Removed an extra waiting games message on the report dashboard.
  • - Removed a script die on a page that could break some templates.
New Features
  • - Added support for confirming tournament matches via email.
  • - Added additional CSS to override list style for Bootstrap templates.
  • - Added a warning when permalinks is disabled.
  • - Added i18n for pagination for the players, teams, challenges, and matches tables.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed several instances where an incorrect tournament id was used in auto-redirects.
  • - Fixed an issue causing match ready emails to be sent prematurely.
  • - Fixed rung-up ranking after a team or player is deleted.
  • - Fixed the initial match status of matches in the first round of the losers brackets.
  • - Leaving a team as the single member now also correctly deletes related information.
  • - Fixed the ladder count of the game list.
  • - Significantly improved internationalization (i18n) of the client-facing pages. Please note that email messages in \tournamatch\templates\emails must be manually translated at this time (those messages do not appear in the .pot file). Admin pages remain in English in the current update. More updates to follow soon to address both email messages and admin pages.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed various bugs caused by deleting a user from WordPress. All petitions, challenges, ladder positions, team memberships, team join requests, ratings, and match data will also be removed. If the deleted user was the owner of any teams, the next rank will take over ownership. If the deleted user is the only member of any team, the team will also be removed.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug introduced in 3.4.0 causing the top-side tournament match competitor to be able to confirm his or her own match.
New Features
  • - Added support for rating your opponent when reporting and confirming tournament match results.
  • - Added support for select match players when reporting and confirming team tournament results.
  • - Added support for attaching match images when reporting tournament results.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug preventing admins from editing or reporting ladder matches in the admin dashboard.
New Features
  • - Added the ability to remove open play (challenges are required to setup matches)
  • - Updated the reports dashboard to display scheduled matches (ladder and tournament) for more convenient results reporting.
  • - Challenges now result in a scheduled match upon accepting the challenge.
  • - Both players and teams now support match details.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug preventing admin from confirming a ladder match in admin.
  • - Draws will no longer display as an option when disabled on certain reporting forms.
New Features
  • - Overhauled the match details page to display more information about each match.
  • - Added a matches tab for tournament pages.
  • - Merged the ladder matches and tournament matches database table. This will provide an easier means to support new match features for ladders and tournaments simultaneously moving forward.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed the challenge link displayed on ladder standings pages.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed broken login and new account links when accessing a restricted page.
  • - Corrected the match result summary on the match details page for ladders.
  • - Win percentage for zero games displays correctly on ladder standings.
  • - Win percentage for zero games displays correctly on player and team pages.
New Features
  • - Added a Matches tab for ladder pages.
  • - Added a Ladder Top 5 widget. You can configure this for any ladder and for any number of top x.
  • - Updated the capability required to manage Tournamatch. You can now add this new manage_tournamatch capability to any other role. It is added to the Administrator role by default.
  • - Updated the resolution for bracket images and tweaked the CSS for better visibility on mobile and desktop.
  • - Improved bracket horizontal scrolling on mobile.
  • - Disabled the Last 5 matches display on ladder standings to reduce crowding.
  • - Removed many dependencies and post-migration dead code. This drastically reduced the compress size down from over 5 mb to about 1 mb.
Bug Fixes
  • - Emails for tournament eliminated and matched function again.
  • - Fixed the ability to edit the rating value on ladders.
  • - Fixed the Hall of Fame/Shame rankings for rating ladders.
  • - The confirmation link to delete a ladder match now displays correctly.
  • - Corrected the summary text on the match list for ladder matches.
  • - Updated the edit game drop down in Admin to find images uploaded to the correct directory.
  • - Corrected the list of options shown after finishing a tournament so that it cannot be restarted.
  • - Accepting a petition no longer adds duplicate entries if you hit refresh.
  • - Fixed a broken link in the admin report ladder section.
New Features
  • - Tournamatch source files have been relocated to the native /wp-content/plugins directory.
  • - Improved the installation. Simply upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins directory, navigate to the WordPress Admin -> Plugins page, and click activate.
  • - Added support for automatic updates. Not exactly. This was already supported in WordPress, but it's new for Tournamatch because it's now a native plugin.
  • - Added cleaner primary links to all files. There is no longer a "tournamatch.php?file=" in URLs. Those have been shortened to just "ladders", "tournaments", and so on.
  • - Added URL redirects to capture traffic to the old URLs. This is only relevant if your existing site has external links (external sites or emails) that need to avoid 404'ing.
  • - Added shortcodes for each Tournamatch page. You can now add Tournamatch content anywhere shortcodes are possible.
  • - Added a tool to quickly add a page with shortcode content for each Tournamatch file. <em>Highly</em> recommend you give this a look in 'Tools' as it will greatly speed up initial setup.
  • - Removed the requirement to have ionCube on the web server.
  • - Removed the "admins" section of Tournamatch. Tournamatch now uses the default "Administrator" role in WordPress. Future updates will expand upon this.
  • - Removed the stand alone Tournamatch admin section. You can now find the links to manage Tournamatch in your main WordPress Admin side bar.
  • - Removed the option to setup custom EMail settings. Tournamatch will use whatever you have configured in WordPress.
  • - Removed support for maps. This will return when we revisit challenge options.
  • - Removed support for internationalization and localization. English is currently the only language available. Will add support for other languages soon.
Bug Fixes
  • - Ladders now display goal data correctly.
  • - The loser's bracket in a manually seeded tournament is now initialized correctly with byes.
  • - The player's list page now sorts dates by YYYY-MM-DD instead of the alphabetically.
  • - Tournament sign-ups correctly hide tournaments that are not marked visible.
  • - Fixed the bracket images from begin cut off on mobile.
  • - Competitor names on brackets will now clip instead of causing a return character which causes bracket alignment to be off.
New Features
  • - Added support for manually seeding a tournament bracket.
  • - Added support for using WordPress to send emails.
  • - Added support for marking a tournament finished.
  • - Added a sign up and check in tab to individual tournament pages.
  • - Added a link to the reports dashboard in several places to help users find matches that should be confirmed.
  • - Allowed extensions may now be configured in admin, general settings..
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug causing team challenges to not appear in the "my challenges" list.
  • - Fixed a bug causing byes not to display correctly for non-power of two tournaments started from a ladder.
  • - Fixed a small bug with editing tournaments and bracket size requirement for from_ladder.
New Features
  • - Added support for replacing any player or team in a tournament with another competitor in the same tournament. This is not recursive. You will have to change this every where down stream when applicable.
  • - Added support for clearing a tournament bracket match result and dispute.
  • - Added support for viewing a tournament match details. You can now access this directly from the brackets or the match list page.
  • - Added support for advancing a player or team in a tournament directly from brackets.
  • - Added support for filtering the Games and Ladders pages by platform.
  • - Minor update to the bracket appearance. Removed the 1 pixel space between bracket image files and added larger image files to improve scaling.
  • - Updated the appearance of ladder and tournament pages. Detail pages for both event types are now tabbed pages with general info appearing on each page.
  • - The setting name in General Settings now accurately describes the pretty name as Site Name instead of Site URL (incorrect).
Bug Fixes
  • - The selected games when editing a tournament or ladder competition is now set correctly when "None" is applicable.
  • - Editing a ladder or tournament with without teams is now MySQL STRICT_TRANS_TABLE compliant.
  • - Added the missing test email blade file.
  • - Links in emails now correctly prefix the site URL.
  • - Accept and decline Petition emails now correctly display "Tournament" for tournaments in the subject line.
  • - Confirming ladder matches for Singles competitions now correctly displays the player name in the confirm message.
  • - Emails for challenge received, accepted, and declined should now send out to the team captain.
  • - The loser's bracket for double elimination tournaments when check-ins are used and the total number of competitors checked in does not equal the total registered now displays correctly.
New Features
  • - Added two new tools options in Admin. One for purging data and another to send test emails.
  • - Added CSS class for avatar pictures. May be used to control size and other styling from CSS.
Bug Fixes
  • - Accept and decline petition email notifications are now correctly sent for teams.
  • - The subject title for tournament petition accept and decline email notifications for both Singles and Teams is correct.
  • - Ladder and tournament admin forms have been updated to be MySQL STRICT_TRANS_TABLE compliant.
  • - Corrected the link to edit a match in the match list page.
New Features
  • - Added support for using SMTP to send emails. Configure this in the Tournamatch Admin -> Settings -> Email.
  • - Added support for 18 additional email notifications. These include emails for event petitions, membership requests, matches, challenges, and tournament events.
  • - Updated team request membership to avoid duplicate requests.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug allowing a player to join the same team more than once via duplicate requests.
  • - Fixed a bug breaking game id filtering on the tournament and ladder list pages.
  • - Fixed a bug preventing the team tag from saving correctly.
  • - Fixed a bug breaking double elimination (loser's bracket only) when check ins were used. Those brackets now appear correctly.
  • - Fixed a bug causing team names not to appear in the Admin report result confirmation message.
  • - Fixed a bug causing team names not to appear in the User challenge confirmation message.
New Features
  • - Added support for reporting the players that participated in team matches. This is enabled in Settings -> General Settings -> Ladder Settings.
  • - Added support for deleting unconfirmed ladder matches in admin.
  • - Added support for reporting scores in ladder matches in admin.
  • - Added support for disabling "draws" throughout the site. This affects the choices available when reporting, hides the draw column where applicable, and removes the third value from (win - loss - draw) records.
  • - Added support for users (and teams) to upload their own avatar.
  • - Updated match list to display the most recent match results first.
  • - Restored match history in team profile and player profile. There is now a third tab for viewing all recent matches by this team (or player). In addition, this list has been updated to also reflect tournament matches.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug on the match history "Last 10 Meetings" which displayed erroneous matches.
  • - Fixed a bug causing quotations getting replaced by \" in ladder or tournament description and rules every time the event is saved.
New Features
  • - Added support for blind challenges. Competitors may now initiate a challenge without selecting a competitor. Any competitor may accept, but neither know who the challenger is prior to accepting the challenge.
  • - Added support for admin to modify team roster.
  • - Added default flag for create team page.
  • - Restored ability to remove team as admin. Link is on the teams list page.
  • - Updated UI for games list, ladder list, and tournament list page. These all now use bootstrap .cards. Edit your CSS accordingly.
  • - Minor UI update to ladder admin page. Points are hidden when not applicable.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug in step 2 of reporting ladder results.
  • - Fixed a bug with edit ladder and edit tournament. When bad input was entered, the next page wouldn't load the existing values correctly and could corrupt the data in the event.
  • - Fixed a minor UI bug on the team page closing an extra div.
New Features
  • - Added support for uploading game image in admin.
  • - Added support for uploading map thumbnail image in admin.
  • - Added support for locking a ladder. Singles or teams may not register for a locked ladder. Additionally, teams that are participating on a locked ladder may not make changes to their roster (add, invite, drop, accept join requests).
  • - Added support for limiting team size in ladder events. Teams participating on a ladder with a max team size may not exceed that threshold on any ladder.
  • - Added support for increased control of visibility of side blocks. Also made this configuration section available for WordPress.
  • - Added support for pagination, sorting and searching the match list page.
  • - Added support for pagination, sorting and searching the challenge list page.
  • - Added support for a JSON encoded API which exposes games, tournaments, ladders, new players and new teams.
  • - Restored ability for admins to edit a player or team profile. This is now located in the regular team and profile pages instead of the admin section.
  • - Replaced tournament 'team minimum' and 'max extras' with one 'max players' team size field.
  • - Updated 'Edit Tournament' so that tournaments may be edited after starting; however, the fields that cannot change are now disabled.
  • - Updated UI for manage maps and consolidated page with view maps.
  • - Updated UI for manage team ranks, and consolidated current ranks and add new rank screens.
  • - Updated UI for manage games, and consolidated current games and add new game screen.
  • - Updated UI for manage blocks, and updated the visibility dropdown.
  • - Updated UI for manage admins, manage ladders, ladder matches, manage tournaments, and tournament matches.
  • - Updated UI for player list, team list, and match-list. More columns are now sortable, you have more granular control of pagination, and all fields are now sortable.
  • - Minor UI update for general settings.
  • - Minor UI update for tournament and ladder petitions.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug encountered deleting a team rank.
  • - Fixed a bug with reporting tournament matches that caused 'Admin Reported' matches to be reported more than once.
  • - Fixed a bug with confirming ladder match via email which caused the last match id and idle time not to update. This affects unranked ladders.
New Features
  • - Added support for independently controlling visibility and status (active/inactive) for ladder events.
  • - Added additional CSS div to wrap block panels on WordPress.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug causing player names or team names not to appear in Admin report tournament matches for losers' brackets.
  • - Fixed a bug causing the tournament name not to appear in Admin report tournament matches for losers' brackets.
  • - Fixed a bug causing player and team names not to appear in User report dashboard for matches on the losers' bracket.
  • - Fixed a bug causing blank matches to appear for confirmation in tournaments with first round byes.
  • - Fixed a bug completely breaking check-ins since v2.12 update.
New Features
  • - Added support for seeding a tournament from a ladder.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug causing the names of teams not to appear on tournament or ladder petitions admin page.
  • - Fixed an issue causing blocks not to follow admin settings in phpBB.
  • - Fixed minor layout issue on team profile page.
  • - Fixed minor layout issue on ladder standings page with standings empty.
New Features
  • - Added support for setting max entries for a tournament. Note: The signed up count (and restriction) does not account for competitors that are awaiting approval in private events. So special attention is required for fixed bracket size and "requires approval" tournaments because an admin could add more than the max.
  • - Added support for requiring approval to join a tournament.
  • - Added support for removing unresolved disputed matches.
  • - Added support for changing team name.
  • - Added support for changing a user's display name.
  • - Added ladder and tournament competitions data to team profile page.
  • - Added CSS ids for ladder idle colors: ladder-inactive, ladder-active-last-7, ladder-active-last-14, & ladder-active-last-21
  • - Added support for games images with ".jpeg" extension.
  • - Replaced team invite and join team with Invitations and Requests. All Invitations are sent via email. All requests are linked to the user requesting membership and most be approved.
  • - Updated team owner leaving a team; owner cannot leave team while ranked as owner. Instead he should promote another member to owner and then he may leave team.
  • - Minor CSS tweak to ladder sign-ups.
  • - Removed realname from displayed. Everything related to individual players now use display_name.
  • - Removed the ability for individuals to use different names per competition. Individual competitions will always use his or her display name. This change was necessary to simplify team management, registration, and to add support for changing display names and team names.
  • - Removed match history from team profile page. This will be added back in a later update.
  • - Removed the ability for an admin to register players and teams for events. This will be added back in a later update.
  • - Removed orphan challenges, ladder entries, ladder matches, tournament entries, tournament matches and team members for ladders, tournaments and teams that had been previously deleted.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug allowing inactive ladders to display to public. Those are now correctly hidden.
  • - Fixed a bug causing "http://" to prepend to "https://" avatars in edit team profile.
  • - Fixed a bug causing the challengee to be lost when issuing a challenge from view ladder standings.
  • - Fixed a bug causing a broken link to be sent to challengee recipients.
  • - Fixed a performance issue on the edit player and team profile page related to reading the flag directory each time.
New Features
  • - Added support for the WordPress toolbar on Tournamatch pages.
  • - Replaced "Manage Addons" and "Manage Language" in admin with "Manage Settings". The new page consolidates settings for preferences for addons, language, sidebar, email, etc all in one page. Users no longer need to edit these values in config.php.
  • - Replaced all pagination code with new style and functionality. This fixed a bug that caused pagination to disappear after too many pages to list.
  • - Updated software to be MySQL 'STRICT_TRANS_TABLES' compatible.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug affecting "Rung-Up" ladder ranking for unranked ladders. This displays rankings correctly now.
  • - Fixed a bug causing "http://" to prepend to "https://" URLs in edit team profile.
  • - Fixed a bug causing player sorting to not work correctly.
  • - Fixed a bug preventing team managers from setting ranks.
  • - Fixed a bug breaking date time picker in tournaments admin.
  • - Fixed a bug causing broken links in team invite email.
  • - Fixed a bug preventing players from using an existing team.
  • - Fixed a bug breaking team invites sent by username in phpBB 3.2.x.
New Features
  • - Added support for confirming user-reported ladder matches in the Ladders admin section.
  • - Added link to attachment when available for report results, confirm results, and match details.
  • - Added CSS configurable colors for wins, losses, ties, streak, delta, and points on ladder standings.
  • - Added a max-height and max-width CSS attribute for player profile images.
  • - Updated the admin section of Tournamatch. It is extracted out from the main CMS environment and organized in its own administration section now.
  • - Updated the joined date on players' profile page to reference the active portal instead of the date when the Tournamatch competitor account was created.
  • - Updated install instructions.
  • - Terminated official support for PHP-Nuke.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed the main admin link for WordPress installations.
  • - Fixed the search user link for WordPress installations.
  • - Fixed an install bug for team ranks.
  • - Fixed a critical bug breaking ladder reporting for fresh installs. Upgrades not affected.
  • - Fixed non-English translation of EMail confirmation results.
  • - Fixed deleted ladders and tournaments from displaying in users' profiles and challenges page.
  • - Fixed a typo in the report results page.
  • - Fixed a bug in edit profile which would prepend a "http://" for urls beginning with "https://"
  • - Fixed a bug breaking double elimination tournaments.
New Features
  • - Added ability to remove tournament entries prior to tournament starting.
  • - Added email notification to confirm a match when a result is reported.
  • - Added optional sidebar blocks for WordPress portals.
  • - Updated the UI for games, tournaments, ladders, and ladder standings.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed several authentication bugs in WordPress.
New Features
  • - Added support for WordPress.
  • - Completely rewrote the user-facing pages to be responsive.
  • - Updated the report and signup pages to use javascript and eliminate steps.
  • - Replaced Manage Colors with custom css files. You should edit /tournamatch/css/custom.css to customize the appearance of Tournamatch.
  • - Updated database to store dates as a UTC datetime field.
  • - Updated all dates to display using Moment JS which will display dates using the client's browser locale.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed several bugs related to deleting teams and tournaments.
  • - Fixed a bug preventing tournaments to auto-start with check-ins enabled.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed bracket spacing.
  • - Fixed double elimination brackets to create seeds correctly.
  • - Fixed several mysql_escape_quotes references.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed all INSERT queries to correctly use NULL instead of string 'NULL'.
  • - Fixed multiple delete logic failures which caused many delete blocks to only partially function.
New Features
  • - Added redirect to all Tournamatch login links.
  • - Improved data access abstraction for several files.
  • - Removed dead code.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a player profile creation bug. Profiles are now created anytime a user logs in if they do not already exist.
New Features
  • - Added ability to create admins and super admins for managing Tournmatch.
  • - Added email notifications for challenges sent, accepted, and declined.
  • - Added the ability to edit the primary colors in PHP-Nuke (previously limited to phpBB).
  • - Upgraded Tournamatch to work with phpBB 3.2.x.
  • - Simplified challenge process.
  • - Updated many path references to use proper path constant.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug preventing Tournamatch from working correctly with several phpBB extensions.
  • - Updated social icons and social fields. Users may now enter Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, & YouTube.
  • - Updated signup page to reduce ambiguity of using new teams vice using an existing team.
  • - Updated players list to display all players, not just those with a Tournamatch profile.
  • - Removed official support for phpBB 3.0.x. phpBB 3.1.x is the main version of phpBB now supported.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed bug in php-nuke.php portal causing wrong user count to be returned.
  • - Fixed bug in installation SQL script.
  • - Fixed bug in admin.php prohibiting admin from reporting ladder matches.
  • - Fixed bug in styles/{TEMPLATE}/tournamatch.html which incorrectly included ucp_header instead of overall_header. This only affected phpBB installations.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a users SQL bug in the phpBB v3.1 portal class.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug causing teams not to be able to join a ladder.
  • - Updated Tournamatch to work with phpBB 3.1.x. In config.php, use PHPBB3_1 portal defined constant setting for versions 3.1.x and PHPBB3 for version 3.0.x and earlier.
  • - Updated installation script bug which always reported an installation failure.
  • - Updated install script for post 2.2 schema.
  • - Reduced minimum number of competitors to start a tournament from 8 to 4.
New Features
  • - Added support for draws.
New Features
  • - Added new Attachment Mod.
  • - Added new Rating Mod.
  • - Added new Dispute handling.
  • - Added new Games file (for viewing all ladders and tournaments for a particular game).
  • - Added score output to matches.
  • - Added support for score reporting for tournaments.
  • - Added support for score reporting on Admin side for both Ladder and tournament matches.
  • - Added upgrade path from 2.1 to 2.2.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed bug in score reporting.
  • - Fixed bug in tournament results reporting.
  • - Fixed bug in challenging regarding maps not appearing in list.
New Features
  • - Added language administration section.
  • - Localized all files.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed new game type broken link bug on multiple pages.
  • - Fixed challenges decline bug.
  • - Fixed a report match "todo-laddername" bug.
New Features
  • - Added two new classes (php-nuke and phpbb) to implement the IPortal interface for PHP-Nuke and phpBB3.
  • - Added support for searching usernames in Team Management (Adding players/teams to tournaments).
  • - Added an Administration Link to Player Navigator.
  • - Added successful message when Save Player's Profiles.
  • - Added a config.php file to store database credentials.
  • - Added a Blocks section to Administration for phpBB3.
  • - Added a Colors section to Administration for phpBB3.
  • - Added template for blocks for phpBB3.
  • - Added a link to "View Matches" to the "Player Manager" block.
  • - Replaced all TeamID/PlayerID fields with drop-down.
  • - Separated report results steps. Users must now select ladder on first screen and opponent on next screen.
  • - Removed Comments class.
  • - Removed all PHP-Nuke dependencies.
  • - Removed dead links under Match details.
  • - Removed all imported global variables.
  • - Developed the IPortal interface further to abstract the portal requirements from Tournamatch.
  • - Reorganized files and directories for a better CMS-independent system moving forward.
Bug Fixes
  • - Fixed a bug a with displaying inactive ladders in administration.
  • - Fixed headers started bug in Properties class.
  • - Fixed comment box when initiating challenges.
  • - Fixed Add Team bug in the Admin section.
  • - Fixed an image bug on the Losers brackets.
  • - Fixed a sql query bug in the confirm tournament report matches page.
  • - Fixed several SQL injection vulnerabilities.
  • - Fixed backwards table row & header colors in teams.php.
  • - Fixed Private Messaging bug for team invites.
  • - Fixed a bug with accessing blocks directly.
  • - Fixed a check-ins bug. Users could not check-in preventing tournaments requiring check-ins from starting.
  • - Fixed deleting matches bug. Users could not delete matches he or she reported properly.
  • - Fixed a bug with the message appearing in team invitations.
  • - Fixed a bug with the team invitations via Private Messages.
  • - Added a Response for successful or failure on Team invitation.
  • - Fixed a bug with dropping a player from your team.
  • - Replaced all occurrences of deprecated functions ereg_replace, ereg, eregi_replace, and eregi with the appropriate new functions.
  • - Completely rewrote the installation procedure.
  • - Moved the necessary SQL to install Tournamatch into a separate file located in the "\install" folder.
  • - Added a new Hardware Profiles section for use with PC gaming websites.
  • - Added several new objects to increase development flexibility and should decrease maintenance.
  • - Added a new interface and object that will allow support for multiple CMSs in the future.
  • - Tested Tournamatch for Nuke Evolution. Thanks to those users who also reported successful installation of Tournamatch on their Nuke Evolution websites (Thanks to many).
  • - Fixed the broken link "Rules and Info" in View Ladders mode (Thanks to utengineer).
  • - Fixed the broken link for the image in View Ladders mode (Thanks to utengineer).
  • - Fixed a fault in Edit Maps Admin.
  • - Fixed a fault in challenges. MAJOR one, no challenges would save. This was a last minute change in 1.3 for better security and I actually broke it by doing so. Fixed and secure now. (Thanks to SpyderTCB)
  • - Added "Report this Match" link to easily report a match from Challenges list.
  • - Changed a die upon error to use Tournamatch's Error handling procedures in report.php
  • - Added the final chosen match time to Challenges list.
  • - Added the final chosen match map to Challenges list.
  • - Added an Upcoming Matches block.
  • - Added the missing install and changes readme file to download zip.
  • - Finished completely the Ladder feature.
  • - Added the Challenging feature. Ladders can operate on Open-play or both Challening and Open-play.
  • - Added Maps and Map groups in Admin. These are able to be used with the Games feature. Each map that is linked to a game will be listed as a available map for Challenging.
  • - Changed the tournaments.php->brackets page to accept customization variables for the encoded brackets file to use. This was to restricting in past versions because users could not edit the style of the Brackets. Now this has opened up a lot more. (Thanks to newuser at for working with me on this)
  • - Completely re-wrote the date and time handling procedures when creating tournaments. Timestamps used for auto-start are now more accurate and the Start time text is now also correct. This should all run a lot smoother as I was able to reduce the amount of code by about 126 lines.
  • - Updated all of the blocks to work with the new DB scheme.
  • - Changed recent matches block to reflect the Ladder matches instead of the Tournament matches.
  • - Fixed an issue with the players_profiles pic not displaying correctly after editing a profile.
  • - Fixed an issue with the teams profiles pic not displaying correctly after editing a profile.
  • - Fixed the Tournamatch Statistics block to reveal the correct number of users registered on your site.
  • - Fixed view Challenges feature from beta 1.3; the first challenge would not show.
  • - Fixed the size of the name field display in the view ladder page.
  • - Fixed a fault in installation where table teams ranks did not add the required Owner and members field.
  • - Fixed an issue in Ladder Admin from beta 1.3 where I was using lentries instead of ladders_entries(Thanks to Silencer at
  • - Thoroughly tested and fixed the Points ranking method in Ladders from beta 1.3(Thanks to Silencer at
  • - Thoroughly tested and fixed the Rung-Up ranking method in Ladders from beta 1.3(Thanks to Silencer at
  • - Fixed the annoying typo that displayed loose instead of the correct lose.
  • - Fixed all of the Admin pages to use the appropriate TournamatchAdmin() instead of GraphicAdmin().
  • - Fixed the edit Tournament pages. The previously chosen start date is now retained instead of having to redo this every time you want to edit a tournament.
  • - Fixed the choose game type in the Tournament edit page in the same manner as above.
  • - Fixed the Ladder report matches from beta 1.3 where only half of the match would get recorded.
  • - Fixed all involved Tournamatch Admin pages that had missing data, mostly on editing pages. Previously, some sites theme would clear the input data for the editing pages because I retrieved data before calling header.php. Then header.php would clear a lot of my data I just received. This should all now work correctly for those of you whose theme affected this(Big Thanks to newuser at
  • - Got rid of the missing Tournamatch Config link.
  • - Changed the installation and license validation procedure to utilize CUrl instead of Fopen. CUrl is slightly more secure but much faster(Thanks to Wolf Weatherby at for the suggestion).
  • - Corrected a procedure in Report Tournaments matches on the user side that did not sanitize a variable.
  • - Corrected a procedure in signup that did not sanitize two variables.
  • - Fixed a fault in the autostart feature. Tournaments used to get overloaded on that auto start procedure if they did not have the minimum number to continue. Please note that the changes will disable auto-start in tournaments if they do not have the minimum numbers and you will have to start this manually.