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Board: Feature Development

  • Blind Challenges

    Add support for creating blind challenges. In a blind challenge, a competitor can create a challenge against no specific competitor, and any competitor may accept without knowing who created the challenge.

  • Experience Points

    Add support for rewarding experience to competitors for activity.

  • Tournament Check-Ins

    When enabled, competitors must check in prior to a tournament starting.

  • Best of X

    Add support for reporting matches as a best of x (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) series for a single result.

  • Activity Feed

    Add support for competitor, competition, and site wide activity events.

  • Ladder Rung-Up

    An additional ranking method for ladder competitors. See for more information.

  • Series

    Support creating series which tracks tournament competitors over two or more events.

  • Competitor Ratings

    Add support for rating competitors when reporting match results. Ratings are aggregated and displayed on a competitor’s profile page.

  • Lock Ladder

    Support locking a ladder. A locked ladder freezes the standings and prohibits any new registrations or changes to team rosters if the ladder is a team competition.