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Version 3.25 Released

Version 3.25 is now available.


  • New table shortcodes
  • Better competitor match history
  • Team Roster table improvements

New table shortcodes

In this update, we introduced many new table shortcodes. There is now a shortcode for the player list table, teams list table, player teams table, player and team ladder competitions, player and team tournament competitions, match list, challenge list, ladder standings, team roster, player and team match history, ladder match history, and tournament match history. I expect these shortcodes will get additional attributes to control the display in a future update.

Better competitor match history

The competitor match history table now displays the full match history instead of just the last 10. This table is searchable, paginated, and may be sorted by various columns. These changes apply to both player and team match history.

Team Roster table improvements

The team roster table has additional asynchronous behavior. You may make changes to membership levels drop players, add players, etc. without waiting for the page to reload.





One response to “Version 3.25 Released”

  1. Linus Avatar

    I have sent an email about a feature my organization could need, a tournament mode without brackets. Just a list of teams reporting score for a placement and the posibility to set amount of rounds in that tournament. Please take a look at that email 🙂

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