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myCred Integration

$75.00 / year

Integrates Tournamatch with the myCred plugin.

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This extension integrates Tournamatch with the myCreds plugin. When activated, you have the ability to assign a registration fee for tournaments and a join fee for ladders. Tournament registration fees are paid out to the top three tournament finishers. In addition, competitors may wage a certain amount in myCreds points when sending a challenge on any ladder. The winner of the match (if accepted) receives 2x the wager (they collect their wage back and the opponents wage).

Summary of Changes

  • You use myCreds to sell packages/points which credits points to the user’s balance.
  • Tournamatch debits users’ balances on sending a challenge, joining a ladder, or registering for a tournament.
  • Tournamatch debits users’ balances when accepting a challenge where a wager was entered.
  • Tournamatch credits users’ balances when winning a match where a wager was entered.
  • Tournamatch credits users’ balances when you Payout a completed tournament.
  • Anytime Tournamatch credits or debits a user’s balance, it logs the transaction in the myCred ledger.
  • Anytime a user’s action would require a debit, the action fails if the user does not have sufficient funds.
  • Anytime a transaction occurs for a team competition, all members of the team are credited or debited.

Technical Considerations

  • Having this extension activated will automatically require a few new rules:
    • A team must have the exact size defined in the backend for team competitions before joining a ladder or registering for a tournament.
    • A team cannot make changes to its roster if their are unsettled funds (such as for a running tournament or an accepted challenge that has not been reported).
  • Challenges will by default have a cool down of 1 Day. You can change this with the filter `trn_mycred_challenge_cool_down`. See DateInterval::createFromDateString for acceptable values.