• Version 3.18 Released

    Version 3.18 Released

    Tournamatch version 3.18 is now available. Highlights New admin bulk registration New leave ladder option for users Edit profile password fields FontAwesome upgraded to 5 Numerous bug fixes New Admin Bulk Registration You may now populate tournaments in bulk from a list of email addresses using the new admin bulk registration feature. This is a […]

  • How to Filter Email Messages

    Tournamatch sends out dozens of email notifications for activities and events. Competitors receive an email notification when a match report needs to be confirmed, when a tournament starts, for team membership requests, and many more. In some cases, you may wish to limit the emails sent to users. This article demonstrates a short snippet of […]

  • Version 3.17 Released

    Tournamatch version 3.17 is now available. Highlights Clone ladder and tournament events Host Tournamatch as a child page Full Admin i18n New options and filters Clone Ladder and Tournament Events Creators of multi-region events rejoice! You can clone an existing ladder or tournament which will create a new event with an edited titled and the […]

  • Player Profile Social Icons

    In the version 3.16 update, we introduced the ability to filter social icons in player profiles. Social icons are the linkable icons that appear in the screenshot below: By default, Tournamatch supports Facebook, Homepage, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube. These social icon fields appear as configurable options to your users when he or she edits their […]

  • How to Extend a Plugin in WordPress with a Filter Hook

    Extending a plugin in WordPress may seem foreign if you have never done so; however, it is actually a simple task for most filter hooks. What is a filter hook? A filter hook is just the technical way of saying, “Here is some content we will display to the user or save to the database.” […]

  • Version 3.16 Released

    Tournamatch version 3.16 is now available. Highlights Custom player profile social icon fields. Custom player profile text fields. Online Statistics Widget More Asynchronous behavior Match table CSS Custom Player and Player Social icon fields What a long overdue but excited to finally have feature. In 3.16, it’s now possible to extend the available player profile fields […]

  • How to install Tournamatch via WordPress

    One of the easiest ways to install Tournamatch is to use the WordPress dashboard. Using this feature requires that file uploads are enabled on your web host and also that the plugin you want to upload is less than the file upload limit. Tournamatch is only about 1.5 mb and the default for most hosts […]

  • Ladder Rung-Up Ranking

    Tournamatch comes with three different algorithms for ranking competitors on a ladder. The points and ELO ranking are common and straight-forward to understand. The third algorithm is proprietary to Tournamatch and offers you a unique ranking method. It’s also quite easy to understand. Unlike Points and ELO, a competitor is never penalized for losing a […]

  • How to Update Tournamatch

    In this post, I’ll walk you through the process of updating Tournamatch to use the latest version. This assumes that you already have Tournamatch installed. If not, you should first head over to our how to install Tournamatch guide and come back when we have an update available (we push 1 – 2 of those per month). […]

  • Ladder Standings Widget

    Today, we’re going to talk about widgets. What is a widget? A widget is additional content or feature-specific code you can add to your sidebar. If you don’t know how to install a widget, you can learn more here. Tournamatch ships with a Ladder Top X widget which allows you to display the top X […]

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