Current Ladders

This table displays all ladders that currently exist. Each column in the table is described below:

The title of the ladder displayed to users.
The total number of players or teams that are participating on this ladder.
Click to edit the ladder and to delete the ladder.

Create Ladder

Use this section to create a new ladder. Each option is explained in more detail below:

General Ladder Info

Ladder Name
The name displayed to users for this ladder.
The game associated with this ladder. This drop down is populated using the list of games you create in Games. A thumbnail will appear on user pages for this ladder corresponding to the selected game.

Match Settings

Select Singles for a player vs player head-to-head ladder, or select Teams for a team vs team head-to-head ladder. If you select Teams, you must also enter a team size in the Team Size field.
Team Size
The number of competitors per team when Teams is selected for Competition.

{info} This value is for display and not strictly enforced by default. If you want to force teams to build their roster before joining this ladder, you should enable Enforce Team Minimum in Team Settings.

Challenge Settings

Direct Challenges
Direct challenges permit users to directly challenge another competitor participating on this ladder. Set to Enabled to permit direct challenges, or Disabled to disable direct challenges.


Rules are displayed on the ladder rules page and also to users before joining this ladder. HTML is allowed.
Set to visible for users to find the ladder, or set to hidden to hide the ladder.
Set to Yes to permit challenges (if enabled) and reporting results, or set to No to prevent any more ladder activity.

Edit Ladder

You may edit a ladder at any time; however, certain fields are disabled depending on several factors.

  • If a ladder has no participants, you may edit any field in the ladder.
  • If a ladder has one or more participant, you may edit any field except Ladder Mode, Competition and Team Size.

Delete Ladder

You may delete a ladder that you no longer wish to have record of existing. Deleting a ladder also deletes corresponding match data. If you no longer want the ladder to appear on any pages, you should consider setting the visibility to hidden and active to no instead of deleting the ladder.

Clone Ladder

Use this link to clone the current ladder. A new ladder with an edited title and all other settings identical is created.

Ladder Matches

Report Results

To report a result for a ladder, you should first select the ladder from the drop down provided.

Admin Report Ladder

Confirm Results

Any result a user has reported and not yet confirmed appears in the Confirm Results table. To confirm a result, click the Confirm link. You may click the delete link to clear the reported match.

Match Disputes

Any ladder match result that has been disputed between competitors is listed here. You will see who reported the win, and given the option to select a winner.