Each ladder is displayed on this page with the game thumbnail, the title of the ladder, the ladder mode, number of competitors, and links to various pages. Click the Info button to view the ladder rules or click the View button to see the ladder standings. A Report button appears if the authenticated user is competing on a ladder, otherwise a Join button is displayed for unauthenticated or authenticated users not competing on this ladder.

You can filter the ladder list page by specifying the parameter gid in the URL. For example, given a ladder with game id equal to 2, you could filter the ladder list to only ladders with this game using the URL below:

Using this technique provides the ability to create specific menu links which will retrieve ladders filtered by the specified game.



The ladder standings page displays all competitors along with their corresponding statistics. The table is sorted by the selected ladder mode and displays 50 competitors per page by default. You may search for the table by entering text into the search input field. Each column in the table is described below:

The selected country flag and display name of the player or team.
The total points earned is displayed in this column.
Total games played.
Total wins.
Total losses.
Total draws. This column is not displayed if draw results is disabled.
Percentage of games won.
Current number of consecutive wins.
Number of days since the most recent match.
A link to challenge this competitor. This is not displayed if challenges for this ladder is disabled.
Click the icon to edit a competitor or click the icon to remove a competitor from this ladder.


This page displays the rules for this ladder.

Ladder's Rule


This table displays the matches for this ladder. The table is sorted by match date and displays 50 matches per page by default. Entering text into the search text field will responsively filter the displayed users according to the text entered.

Ladder's Match

Edit Competitor

The edit competitor page allows you to edit the Points, Wins, Losses, Draws, Streak, and change flag of any competitor displayed on the standings. The current value is displayed in each input box. Enter a new value to change any value and click Save to update the standings manually.

Standings are automatically updated when competitors or admins confirm ladder match results. This page allows you to manually adjust the standings.