Tournamatch includes a profile for every team. Each team's profile includes a team roster, any competitions the team is participating on, a match history, and also several user-entered team fields.


Team List

The team list page displays a tabulated list of teams. The table is sorted alphabetically and displays 50 teams per page by default. Entering text into the search text field will responsively filter the displayed teams according to the text entered.

{tip} You can hide columns in the table above by setting the corresponding class to display: none. See customizing the appearance for more info.


Team Profile

The team profile page displays a team roster, competitions, and match history.

The current owner of the team.
Joined Date
The date this team was created.
A text field the team captain may enter in edit profile.
A list of of the current members.
Career Record
The win, loss, and draws (if applicable) of all the matches this teams has ever played. Draws are only displayed here if "link" is enabled. The career record sums all matches including matches where this user participated in on a team. The career record of this user in single matches is displayed in parenthesis.

Teams Profile

Team Roster

Each member of the team is displayed in the Team Roster table. For each member, the country flag, display name, link to the member's player profile, team rank, the date the user joined the team, and his or her contact links is displayed. If Report Team Match Players is enabled, the wins, losses, and draws column is also displayed.

The team captain will also see an Options column providing a button to remove a player from the team. Additionally, the title column is replaced with a drop down to select a new team rank for team captains.


The first table displays each ladder this team is participating on, and the second table displays each tournament in which the team is registered.

Match History

This table displays the 10 most recent team matches.

Team Captain Sections

There are several more sections on the team profile page displayed to team captains only. Those sections include a team invitation form where a team captain may invite a user to the team via email, a list displaying all sent team invitations, and a list displaying all team join requests.

Edit Profile

The Edit Profile screen is where team captains may edit their team profile. The current fields include:

Team Name
The name displayed on all tournamatch pages for this team. It must be unique.
Team Tag
A shortened tag or prefix for teams.
Country Flag
A drop down list of country flags.
An email address to send team emails.
A URL to a team web page.
A short bit of text that will be displayed in the team's profile.
A file upload box for the team captain to add a team avatar. Avatars are displayed in the team's profile.

Team Edit Profile

Create Team

The create team screen permits users to create a team. The user who created a team is automatically added to the team roster and is given the ownership role of the team.

Crate Team