The current documentation is for 3.x versions of Tournamatch, not 4.x. This is here only for users with 3.x and should not be used for 4.x.



Active Tournaments

This table displays all tournaments that currently exist. Each column in the table is described below:

The title of the tournament displayed to users.
The current state of the tournament. The values include:
  • Players are allowed to sign up.
  • Players can check in.
  • Check-ins are already closed.
  • The tournament has completed.
The total number of players or teams that have registered for this tournament.
The total number of players or teams that have checked in for this tournament.
Click to start a tournament, to end a tournament, to edit a tournament, to reset a tournament, to copy a tournament, to register competitors, and to delete a tournament.

{info} Tournaments require at least 4 people to start. If you enabled check-ins, than there must be at least 4 people checked in for the tournament to start.

Active Tournaments

Create Tournament

Use this section to create a new tournament. There are a lot of options available to tweak. Each option is explained in more detail below:

General Tournament Info

Tournament Name
The name displayed to users for this tournament.
The game associated with this tournament. This drop down is populated using the list of games you create in Games. A thumbnail will appear on user pages for this tournament corresponding to the selected game.
Requires Approval
Set this field to No to allow any authenticated user to register for a tournament. Set this field to Yes if you want to manually approve who may register. When set to Yes, petitions to join the tournament appear in View Petitions.

{tip} Set requires approval to Yes and use a payment collecting plugin to verify users pay an entree fee before you add them to your tournament.

Elimination Mode
Indicates the number of losses before a player or team is eliminated from a tournament. Select Single to eliminate competitors after one loss, and select Double to eliminate competitors after two losses. A double elimination tournament displays two brackets: a Winner's bracket, a Loser's bracket, and a Finals bracket. Competitors with one loss are moved to the Loser's bracket where they compete against other competitors with one loss.
Initial Seeding
Indicate how competitors should be seeded when the tournament begins. Select Random to seed competitors randomly, select Manual to choose the initial seeding (this page appears upon start of a tournament), or choose From Ladder to use the rankings of a ladder to seed a tournament.

All three methods will display competitors in a best vs worst format. For example, in an 8 player tournament, the initial match ups would pair seed 1 vs seed 8, seed 2 vs seed 7, seed 3 vs seed 6, and seed 4 vs seed 5. Seed assignments for each selection is detailed below:

  • Random: Competitors are assigned seeds 1 to n randomly.
  • Manual: You will determine seeds 1 to n when you start the tournament.
  • From Ladder: Competitors are assigned seeds 1 to n according to their ranking on the given ladder.
Select the ladder to use for seeding when From Ladder is selected in the Initial Seeding drop down.

{tip} Organizing a tournament with From Ladder is a great way to hold an end-of-season tournament for seasonal ladder play.

Bracket Size
Select No Fixed Size to permit as many user registrations as possible. Select Fixed Size to limit the brackets to a predefined size which is specified in the next input box.
Bracket Size (extended)
An integer greater than 4 which defines the exact bracket size when Bracket Size is set to Fixed Size.

Tournament General Info

Date and Time Settings

Start Time
Select the start day and time a tournament will begin.
Auto Start
Select Yes to start this tournament automatically at the time given above. Any tournament with Initial Seeding set to Manual will seed randomly if Auto Start is enabled.

{info} Tournaments set to auto-start will revert to manual start if the minimum number of players are not available at the configured start time.

Check-In Time
Select the time before a tournament's scheduled Start Time that registered competitors must check in. If a user registers during the Check-In period, he or she will not have to check in. If a user registers before the Check-In period, he or she will have to come back to the website and Check-In to verify they are present for the start of the tournament.

Tournaments Datetime Setting

Match Settings

Select Singles for a player vs player head-to-head tournament, or select Teams for a team vs team head-to-head tournament. If you select Teams, you must also enter a team size in the Team Size field.
Team Size
The number of competitors per team when Teams is selected for Competition.

{info} This value is for display and not strictly enforced by default. If you want to force teams to build their roster before registering for this event, you should enable Enforce Team Minimum in Team Settings.

Score Reporting
Set to Yes to record the scores of matches when users report the results, and set to No to hide the score input fields when users report match results.

{info} To accommodate games where lower score is best (Golf) or higher score is best (Football), recording score has no effect on the actual result reported. Users will still have to select a win or loss in addition to entering a score.

{tip} Some gaming league hosts use Score Reporting to record best-of-x matches.

Tournaments Match Setting


Rules are displayed on the tournament rules page and also to users before the register to an event. HTML is allowed.
Set to visible for users to find the tournament, or set to hidden to hide the tournament.

Tournaments Description & Rule

Start Tournament

You may manually start a tournament at any time as long as there are at least 4 competitors registered (or 4 competitors checked in when check-ins are enabled). Once started, the brackets will appear, competitors will be notified via email, and matches may be reported.

If the selected tournament is set to manual seed, the Seed Tournament page will appear.

End Tournament

Clicking on the icon to end a tournament will set the statuts to finished regardless of any matches still in progress.

Edit Tournament

You may edit a tournament at any time; however, certain fields are disabled depending on several factors.

  • If a tournament has no registered competitors, you may edit any field in the tournament.
  • If a tournament has one or more registered competitors, you may edit any field except Competition and Team Size.
  • If a tournament has already started, you may only edit the Name, Game, Rules, Score Reporting, and Visibility.

If you wish to edit a field that is disabled because a tournament has already started, then you must first reset the tournament. If you wish to edit the Competition type, then you must reset the tournament if it has already started and then also remove competitors.

Reset Tournament

A tournament that has started may be reset. This will erase all matches and bracket seeding.

Delete Tournament

You may delete a tournament that you no longer wish to have record of existing. Deleting a tournament also deletes corresponding match data. If you no longer want the tournament to appear on any pages, you should consider setting the visibility to hidden instead of deleting the tournament.

Clone Tournament

Use this link to clone the current tournament. A new tournament with an edited title and start date set to today with all other settings identical is created.

Tournament Registration

Register Competitors

You may manually register competitors for a players or teams tournament. For a players tournament, enter the Player name and click Register. For a teams tournament, enter the player name and select whether to use a new or existing team. If selecting to use a new team, enter the team tag and team name, and then click register. A new team will be created for the given player and that team is now registered for the tournament. If selecting to use an existing team, then select the teams available for the given player from the drop down and click register. The existing team for that player is now registered for the tournament.

Register Competitors via Email

You may register competitors for a players tournament by email address. Enter one email address per line and click the register button. Any user corresponding to the email addresses provided is registered for the tournament

Bulk Tournament Registration

Tournament Matches

Report Results

To report a result for a tournament, you should first select the tournament from the drop down provided.

Select Tournament

Once a tournament has been selected, all of the matches for the selected tournament are listed. Choose the winner using the radio buttons provided and click Report.

Select Winner

If the selected tournament uses Double Elimination, those matches will appear under the Loser's Bracket section.

Confirm Results

Any result a user has reported and not yet confirmed appears in the Confirm Results table. To confirm a result, click the Confirm link. You may click the delete link to clear the reported match.

Confirm Results

View Petitions

One of the options you may enable when creating a tournament is Requires Approval. Competitors who join a tournament with Requires Approval enabled must be approved by an administrator. This page is where those competitors appear. Click the icon to approve the competitor and add them to the tournament registration list, or click the icon to decline and remove the petition.

Tournament Petitions

Match Disputes

Any tournament match result that has been disputed between competitors is listed here. You will see who reported the win, and given the option to select a winner.

Tournament Match Disputes

Seed Tournament

When creating a tournament, there are three seeding methods to choose from. One of those methods, Manual, requires you to arrange competitors on the bracket before the tournament begins. When you start a tournament that must be manually seeded, the Seed Tournament screen appears.

There are two main sections on this page. The left is a preview of the brackets, and the right lists all of the competitors. For each match in Brackets, there are two drop downs with a list of competitors. Selecting a competitor in a drop down will automatically remove the competitor from any other match. In addition, the match drop down which just had your selection removed will turn red and display the text Please Select.

Competitors which have not yet been placed appear in the Competitors list on the right in red. Competitors which have been placed appear in green.

When you are finished seeding a tournament, click the Seed button and the tournament will begin.

Tournament Seed