The current documentation is for 3.x versions of Tournamatch, not 4.x. This is here only for users with 3.x and should not be used for 4.x.

Main Administration


This page provides some quick start instructions, the email address to send support inquiries, a link to open a support ticket, and the current version of the software.


Clear Data

Using this feature will clear all ladder, tournament, teams, challenge, and match history. This will not clear your current settings or games. You will need to manually delete game data or reinstall to reset everything.

{danger} This action is irreversible. All data not backed up will be lost.

Tool Clear Data

Test Email

Use this to send a test email where you can test your Tournamatch email settings as well as your Wordpress mail server.

Tool Send Email

Create Pages

Use this button to automatically generate the pages your users require to manage their profiles, teams, challenges, matches, and competitions. Tournamatch will create one page with the appropriate code for each primary user page and set the template to full-width. Each page created and route is listed in the table below:

Page Route
Ladders List
Matches List
Sign Up
Tournaments List

{info} If you experience any 404 issues with links in Tournamatch, you should verify the pages in the table above exist by going to WordPress Admin -> All Pages.

Tool Create Page


General match Settings


Permits competitors to rate their opponent's sportsmanship. When enabled, competitors will see five stars when reporting or confirming a match; and, player and team profiles will display the average score given by their opponents.


Allows users to attach proof of match result when reporting a match. The types of files allowed to be attached are defined by allowed extensions.

Allowed Extensions

The file extensions allowed of files that may be uploaded when reporting a match, choosing an avatar for player and team profiles, and uploading game images in admin. Only one extension should be entered per line.

Report Result Preference

Controls the match reporting process for ladder and tournament matches. Each value is described below:

Winner Reports
Competitors may only report wins and losers confirm the result.
Loser Reports
Competitors may only report losses and winners confirm the result.
Either Winner/Loser Reports
Competitors may report either a win or loss for ladder and tournament matches. If the winner reports the match, the loser would confirm. If the loser reports the match, the winner would confirm.

Report Team Match Players

Permits users to record which members of a team competed in a match when reporting and confirm team results.

Ladder Match Settings

Draw Results

Enables or disables Draws. When enabled, competitors will be able to report and confirm draws, ladder standings will display the number of draws, and career records will also display draws.

Open Play

Enables or disables open play. Open play allows competitors to skip the challenging process and report results. This is convenient when competitors organize matches outside of your website (such as in Discord). Having this option enabled eliminates the burden of creating a challenge for a match that has already completed.

Disabling open play will not permit competitors to report a match unless a challenge was first created and accepted.

One Team per Ladder

Limits the number of teams a competitor may participate on in a single ladder. When enabled, a player may only participate on the roster of one team per ladder. When disabled, a player may participate on any number of teams in a single ladder.

Ladder Display Settings

Unranked Standings

Enables or disables unranked ladder standings. When enabled, any player or team that has zero matches in the last 30 days is considered unranked and is displayed on an alternate unranked standings separate from the primary standings for a ladder.

Allow Leaving Ladder

Allows players or teams to voluntarily leave a ladder.

{warning} This will erase any ladder standings data associated with this player or team. Allowing users to leave may result in standings reset abuse!

Tournament Match Settings

Final Double Elimination Match

In the finals of a double elimination tournament, an extra match is required if the higher seed (from the winners bracket) loses the finals match because this is that competitors first loss. This option enables or disables the extra match. It is enabled by default.

Tournament Display Settings

Bracket Seeds

Enables or disables displaying the seed numbers on brackets.

Team Settings

One Team per Player

When enabled, a player may be a member of only one team at a time.

Enforce Team Minimum

When enabled, teams are not permitted to register for a ladder or tournament unless the roster size is greater than or equal to the players per team field on event pages.

Email Settings

Email Settings features has been removed

The ability to edit email color settings in Tournamatch has been removed. Tournamatch emails are now plain text. You should consider using a dedicated email template plugin to style your email messages. Several are listed below:

Additional Settings

Include Bootstrap

Enable this to include Bootstrap. If your WordPress template does not use Bootstrap 4, you should enable this option to get button drop downs and tabbed menus to work correctly.

When enabled, Tournamatch will include a copy of Bootstrap 4 that has been sand boxed for the #trn tag. This means that including it should not affect any markup outside of Tournamatch formatted code.

You should not enable this option if your template uses Bootstrap 4 because enabling would be redundant, and because Tournamatch may inherit the styles of your template which will result in a more native visual appearance.

Display User Email Addresses

Enable this option to display the email address of users on player's list and player profile page.