Language Translation


The user-facing pages in Tournamatch have been internationalized (i18n) and may be easily translated to any language (i10n). Tournamatch ships with the necessary POT file and supports English by default.

How to Translate

A translation editor is recommended before you begin translation. Translation editors are more convenient to use than simple text editors and will drastically speed up the process with suggestions for text. We recommend Poedit.

  1. Open Poedit and create a new translation file.

  2. Select the file wp-content/plugins/tournamatch/language/tournamatch.pot.

  3. Select the language you wish to translate to.

  4. Begin translating the source text to the desired output in Translation.

  5. Save the translation with the prefix tournamatch-. For example, if ou are translation to French, Poedit will suggest a filename fr_FR; the filename should be tournamatch-fr_FR. Poedit will automatically create a .PO and .MO file using this filename.

  6. Upload the file to wp-content/languages/plugins/.

{warning} Do not upload the file to the wp-content/plugins/tournamatch/ directory. You will lose any file in the wp-content/plugins/tournamatch directory after the next Tournamatch update.