Each tournament is displayed on this page with the game thumbnail, the title of the tournament, the elimination mode, number of competitors registered, number of max competitors, and links to various pages. Click the Info button to view the tournament rules or click the Brackets button to see the tournament brackets.

This page will organize tournaments into 4 tabs:

  • All: Display all tournaments.
  • Upcoming: Displays tournaments that have not yet started.
  • In Progress: Displays tournaments that are currently in progress.
  • Finished: Displays tournaments that have been marked finished in the tournament administration section.

You can filter the tournament list page by specifying the parameter gid in the URL. For example, given a tournament with game id equal to 2, you could filter the tournament list to only tournaments with this game using the URL below:

Using this technique provides the ability to create specific menu links which will retrieve tournaments filtered by the specified game.



Either one or three pages are used to display the brackets to users. If the tournament is single elimination, only one bracket page is available. If the tournament is double elimination, three bracket pages are available: the Winners Bracket, the Losers Bracket, and the Finals Bracket.

Each bracket page displays the competitors and head-to-head match ups. A few notes on the brackets layout:

  • ???????? appears if the competitor is currently undecided. This will eventually change to the name of a competitor once down stream matches complete.
  • Ellipsis appear to the right of any competitor name. Hovering over the ellipsis with your cursor displays a drop down with additional actions. Guest or regular authenticated users will see a link to the Match Details. Administrative users will also see a link to Replace a competitor or Advance a competitor.
  • When logged in as an administrator, an asterisk appears adjacent any match with a result awaiting confirmation.
  • Byes for tournaments are necessary for any bracket which is not a standard power of 2 (4, 8, 16, 32, etc). Byes are always rewarded in round 1 of the Winners bracket.
  • Unless seeded manually, byes are always rewarded such that the highest seeded competitor receives the first bye, the second-highest receives the second bye, and so on.



This page displays the rules for this tournament.

Tournament Rule


This table displays the matches for this tournament. The table is sorted by match date and displays 50 matches per page by default. Entering text into the search text field will responsively filter the displayed users according to the text entered.

Tournament Match's


This page displays every competitor that has registered for this tournament. A message will appear at the top of this page if this tournament is configured to require competitors check-in before the tournament begins. If the tournament is a teams competition, the number of members for each team is given.

Tournament Registered