Ranks are used for team management and are vanity at this time. The ranks configured here will be available to all users on your website when rostering a team. Team captains (titled Leaders by default) are responsible for assigning ranks to team members.

Current Ranks

The ranks currently available to team captions are displayed in this table. Tournamatch contains two ranks by default: Leader and Member. The Leader rank is the highest rank and each team must have exactly one team captain. The Member rank is the lowest team rank and each team may have unlimited users assigned to this rank. Each column in the table is described in more detail below:

Rank Title
The title of the rank displayed to users.
Max Assigned
The max number of users a team captain may assign to the rank.
The hierarchical status of the rank. You may not change the rank of the first or last rank.

If you wish to update the Rank Title or Max Assigned to any rank, you should enter the new value in the corresponding input box and click the Save Button. Click the to lower a rank and click the to raise a rank. You can remove rank by clicking on the Delete button.

{info} You may not remove or update the Max Assigned or Weight of either the first or last rank.

Admin Current Rank

Add Rank

Enter a rank title, max assigned, and click the Save Rank button to create a new rank.

Admin Add Rank